Department of documentation

In line with the Law on Museums, museum documentation is protected as cultural heritage and its management is prescribed by a special act. It is a data set that has been systematically made, collected, organized and deposited, in accordance with principles of treatment of the museum material and museum activity. The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar has collected museum documentation since it was founded in 2006, and after a documentarist was employed in 2008, that material has been systematically analyzed and digitalized.

According to the latest Law on Museums, basic museum profession is curator, and one becomes a documentarist after working and advancing in a museum. Presently it belongs to the category of senior professional positions as a senior curator documentarist. The Department of Documentation of the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar is managed by a senior curator documentarist. Basic task of this museum profession is controlling primary museum documentation, that is managed by curators, and keeping and analyzing secondary museum documentation.

Holdings of secondary documentation in the Department of Documentation of the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar encompass audio-visual holdings (phototheque, videotheque, plans and documentation drawings), holdings of newspaper archives; records of exhibitions, events, publishing activity, educational activity, virtual and digital contents, professional and scientific work and documentation about foundation and history of the museum. All holdings are digitalized and available to professional museum staff, and to external users on request.

The Department of Documentation of the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar collects all information relevant to keeping museum documentation about the material and activity of the Museum of Ancient Glass that reflect the level of thorough management of these holdings as well as multitude of activities organized by the Museum of Ancient Glass.

The Department also holds a Collection of Contemporary Art Glass Donations that complements rich exhibition activities of the museum. This collection contains works of art donated by Croatian and foreign artists who had exhibitions in the Museum of Ancient Glass.

Jadranka Belevski

Senior curator documentarist

Department of documentation