Glass workshops

Glassblowing demo workshop

Within the Museum, alongside eight thematic halls that house the permanent display, there is also a specialized glassblowing demo workshop where replicas of ancient glass are made in front of visitors. Glassblowing workshop led by glassblower Marko Štefanac offers an illustrative view of formation of a number of glass containers and mimics past phenomena in controlled experimental procedures through everyday demonstrations.

Demo workshop for making glass beads on a torch

Demo workshop for making glass beads on a torch also found its place in the museum. Glassblower Antonija Gospić, workshop leader, shapes glass beads and miniature amphoriskoi by using the lampworking technique. Finished glass beads are later strung into beautiful unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Demo workshop for blowing laboratory boroslilicate glass on a torch

Heating of a tube made of laboratory borosilicate glass on a torch is used to make miniature bottles (lacrimarii) that are hand-painted in further process of working. Glassshop is led by glassblower and restorer Ivana Matković.

Fusing glass

The museum also has a workshop for fusing glass led by Antonija Gospić. It is a glassmaking technique in which glass surfaces are hand-painted and then shaped into unique bowls at high temperatures.

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