Department of Historical Glass

The Department of Historical Glass is the last component of the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar, created from the need for systematic collection, documentation, and then professional and scientific valorization of glass material of post-ancient historical periods.

The backbone of the Department of Historical Glass is the Collection of Medieval and Modern Glass, whose holdings are based on donations, redemptions and findings collected during recent archaeological research in the city of Zadar.

These are mostly common usable items - packaging glass, pharmacy glass, tableware, lighting fixtures, construction (window) glass - from the 13th to the 19th century.

Activities within the Department of Historical Glass are primarily aimed at systematizing and expanding the existing holdings, with a tendency to single out new collections according to chronological, typological and stylistic parameters.

Special attention is paid to the presentation of glass material through exhibition projects, educational and practical workshops, professional and scientific lectures. Projects of inter-museum and general inter-institutional cooperation, exchange of experiences and knowledge with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary research approach are encouraged.


Dr. sc. Vedrana Jović Gazić, senior curator


Tel: +385 23 363 841

Department of Historical Glass