Museum souvenir shop

The museum souvenir shop is an unavoidable area in the museum building, offering a unique selection of handmade glass souvenirs and jewelry as well as objects made in the fusing technique. These are mostly copies and reproductions of different archaeological glass artifacts that were made in specialized glassmaking workshops during demonstrations for visitors.This selection comprises various replicas of Roman glass jugs, bottles, beakers, small urns and balsamaria. Souvenir offer is complemented by different publications – catalogues, monographs and professional journals. What makes our souvenir shop special is the fact that all souvenirs are handmade by our glassblowers, made of glass by using various methods and techniques of working.

Visit us and choose your own piece of history in shape of hand made glass souvenirs and jewelry!

*Museum has no web shop, souvenirs can be bought exclusively in the museum souvenir shop

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(1 May to 31 October)

MON - SUN: 9 - 21 h


(2 November to 30 April)

MON - SAT: 9 - 16 h

Tickets Tickets

Adults: 6,00 € (45,20 kn)

Groups (5+ persons): 4,00 € (30,14 kn)

Schoolchildren: 3,00 € (22,60 kn)

Preschoolers: free