Group Exhibition of Hungarian Glass Artists (15.9.2023. - 15.11.2023.)

The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar organizes exhibitions unique to the Croatian museum and art scene. The link to all these exhibitions is glass, and whether it is antique glass, glass from later historical periods or contemporary art glass, you can't see so many themed glass exhibitions anywhere else in Croatia than in Zadar.

The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar is opening a new exhibition of contemporary art glass on Friday, September 15, 2023, and this time it is a large group exhibition of Hungarian artists called "Connected by Glass."

The exhibition presents 48 artists who show all the diversity of work in glass as an artistic medium. It is a great pleasure to host so many different works in glass, just as much artistic inspiration and styles, delight in glass processing, experimentation, innovation and finally connection, connection through glass!

The curators of the exhibition are Jadranka Belevski, who is also the author of the exhibition catalogue, Bernadett Hegyvári and Péter Gergely Lendvai, representatives of the Society of Hungarian Glass Artists.